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Vintage Wall Pockets Full of Flowers

Vintage Wall Pockets Full of Flowers

Today we have some fun photos from Kathy Schreurs in Sheldon, Iowa.

I’m going to submit some photos taken last summer. They are not your typical GPOD, although every flower pictured did indeed come from my garden.

I love playing with freshly picked flowers from our borders, tucking them into my vintage vases and teapots, and dropping them off—sometimes rather randomly—at the doors of family, friends, and even casual acquaintances. (I wasn’t exactly the masked bandit, but I certainly was the masked gardener.) It was almost a daily occurrence through much of last summer. I also posted daily pictures on Facebook, and I like to believe that they were day brighteners for “flower friends.” The daily posts certainly lifted my own spirits.

Some days I played with the wall pockets that I collected in the 1980s. It became a challenge to see if I could find appropriate flowers to reflect their unique characteristics. Although they never left my house, it was another way of connecting with people during the COVID summer of 2020.

wall pocket vase with pink flowersSeptember 28: Why did I suddenly realize—the summer went by without peach pie? (Sedum, cosmos, zinnia, hydrangea)

vase with yellow daylily and rosesAugust 20: Does anyone know the science behind the one-day-only life span of a daylily? (Daylily and roses)

vase with pink flowers and dark foliageSeptember 4: The bunny ears took me by surprise! (‘Red Threads’ alternanthera, Persian shield, torenia, zinnia)

wall pocket full of marigoldsAugust 25: I wanted to pay homage to the marigolds protecting my husband’s vegetable garden. (Marigolds and zinnias)

butterfly wall pocket full of hydrangea bloomsAugust 14: What to do with a butterfly wall pocket? Maybe this. (Hydrangea)

unique vase full of flowersAugust 12: All because two birds fell in love. (‘Lemon Twist’, tansy, Diamond Frost, torenia)

garden vase full of white summer phloxJuly 28: This little wall pocket has been collecting dust in my garden shed. I wanted to freshen it up, but I didn’t have any thyme. (Summer phlox)

floral arrangement with pink and red flowersAugust 3: Monday Funday, aka Wall-Pocket Wacky (snapdragon, zinnias, dill)

pink sunpatiens in a vaseSeptember 13: In memory of cancans (coleus and sunpatiens)

small wall pocket with pink and white flowersAugust 11: Three or more of anything is a collection—or so I have read—but only if you have a purpose in gathering them together. Otherwise you have an accumulation. In the 1980s I had a collection of wall pockets. In the last 25 years, they’ve segued into an accumulation, some of them taking up space in my garden shed, others lost in a jumble of vases. Today I’m reclaiming them as a collection. (Snapdragon, zinnia, cosmos, hosta)

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Published at Fri, 28 May 2021 07:00:50 +0000