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This Space Is the New Backyard—But Two-Thirds of Homeowners Are Overlooking It

This Space Is the New Backyard—But Two-Thirds of Homeowners Are Overlooking It

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Courtesy of yardzen

The backyard has been home to summer barbecues and cornhole tournaments for far too long. Now it’s the front yard’s time to shine. In its newly released 2021 trend report, Yardzen, the online resource for landscaping design, is spotlighting social front yards as one of the most common requests of the year. Thirty-seven percent of the company’s clients so far have opted to include their front yard in their outdoor renovation plans. On their must-have list? Expanded front porches, additional seating areas, and edible gardens.

In other words, front yard landscaping is no longer just about curb appeal. Homeowners are realizing they can increase their livable square footage by utilizing their space for entertaining friends and neighbors. Here are a few ways to turn the overlooked spot into a functional hangout.

Create Flow With Pavers

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Jenna Peffley for Yardzen

Large concrete pavers create a more formal feeling and help designate different zones—and how to get there. Space them out between the grass or gravel and mark pathways leading to the backyard, sidewalk, and any shaded lounging areas. 

Don’t Buy Seating That’s Just for Show

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courtesy of yardzen

Invest in comfortable hammocks; Acapulco chairs; swings; and a lounge-worthy, weather-resistant sectional so you actually want to sit out front. 

Lay Down Some Turf

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Drought-proof and fire-safe artificial turf surrounds designer Raili Clasen’s stained cedar home in Costa Mesa, California, allowing for a proper dining area (the chairs don’t sink into the grass) and bocce ball set. Your neighbors will be jealous just watching all the fun you’re having. 

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Published at Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:54:18 +0000