The Box Bob Is Like a Face Lift for Your Hair

The Box Bob Is Like a Face Lift for Your Hair

Is there anything more demoralising than limp, lifeless hair? Toward the end of lockdown, I was resembling Cousin It thanks to a lack of haircuts. Yes, volume-boosting shampoos and a bit of backcombing can temporarily alleviate the problem, but nothing adds oomph to your hair like a volume-boosting haircut.

That’s where the box bob comes in—the latest iteration of the bob hairstyle to cause a stir in hair salons. I mean, after the sliced bob the, blunt bob, the shaggy bob, and the paper-cut bob did the rounds earlier this year, it’s little surprise that stylists are welcoming a new take on the bob with open arms (and scissors).

So what is the box bob, and how does it give your hair a much-needed post-lockdown lift?

“The box bob is the new facelift for your hair,” says hairstylist Annie Redman at London’s Larry King Salon. 

“Everyone’s going for the chop, which automatically makes you feel more stylish, and let’s be honest, nobody wants to hold on to those lockdown locks,” she says.

Redman explains that if you are struggling with fine, flat hair, a textured bob like the box bob is a great option to create fullness and shape. “It can also look really sexy when styled with an undone wave,” she says.

The best thing about a box bob is its versatility; it suits every face shape and can be cut in a specific way to complement your specific face. “You can add shape through the front with some grown-out bangs if you have a longer face, whereas if your face shape is a little rounder, I recommend keeping more length through the front of the hair cut,” she says.

Published at Tue, 08 Jun 2021 15:07:14 +0000