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Stress-free Sofa Shopping: How to Pick the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

Stress-free Sofa Shopping: How to Pick the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

By: Farah Merhi, American Signature Furniture’s Designer Looks Style Expert

Let’s be honest – picking out a new sofa can be overwhelming. What color should you get? What fabric? What style? Should this new sofa be a bold focal point or a neutral element to decorate around?

There’s no limit to the questions people consider as they hunt for the next perfect sofa, but one thing is certain: sofas are investment pieces, and it’s important to do your research before purchasing. These three tips will make your next sofa shopping experience stress-free and an absolute breeze:

Color palettes are key

The age-old debate of bold vs. neutral is a common dilemma that comes up while shopping for a new sofa. Are you someone who is drawn to one color without getting tired of it? Then go with a bold colored sofa! If you love to change up your colors and styles, then commit to a neutral color sofa so you can interchange your pop of color through your accents like pillows, throws and decorative pieces.

Following interior designers on social media can also help you identify which styles and palettes you gravitate toward, while also helping to identify new trends that you can emulate in your space.

Don’t sacrifice function for fashion

As your living room’s focal point, it’s easy to get swept up in the looks of a new sofa while de-prioritizing your functional needs. Don’t forget what you are looking to get out of your new furniture and try not to lose sight of what your “must-haves” are, such as deep seating or a high back.

If you’re shopping with a family in mind, it’s also important to consider “kid-friendly” options and features like performance fabrics that are highly durable and easy to clean.

Keep the resurgence of the recliner in mind

It’s not all loveseats and chaises these days, as reclining sofas and sectionals are making a huge comeback.

Unlike your grandparents’ old recliner, the latest reclining trends include sleek and modern styles with innovative technology. Some pieces feature charging ports, hidden storage compartments and even built-in Bluetooth sound systems! And let’s be honest, there’s truly nothing better than leaning back and kicking your feet up at the end of a long day.

Although shopping for your next sofa can seem overwhelming at the start, it always helps me to list my priorities and must-haves for my space down on paper. Commit to never losing sight of those key areas on your shopping trip and you’ll be relaxing in style on your new favorite sofa in no time!

Published at Thu, 20 May 2021 21:10:52 +0000