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Stacking Stones and Good Intentions

Stacking Stones and Good Intentions

Balancing stones, much like yoga, can help the mind become focused and quiet; it’s a meditative practice that brings us fully to the present moment.

Stacking stones has become something of a universal spiritual practice in itself. I’ve been privileged to personally witness these impermanent man-made symbols of hope, peace and friendship transcending our borders, from Hawaii, to the Grand Canyon, Aruba, the Azores and beyond.

In fact, stone stacking has been utilised in marking trails, worship, grave markings, and many other ways, as we humans have made our way through history.

They have become spiritual symbols that remind us of those who came before us and assure us that we’re on the right path — a path of good intentions.

The art of building and balancing stones as a practice can also help us to ease the busy ‘monkey mind’ and literally and physically ground us back to Mother Earth.

Published at Wed, 07 Apr 2021 10:34:23 +0000