Memorial Day Backpacking Sales: Snag These 4 Editors’ Choice Picks at a Discount Now

Memorial Day Backpacking Sales: Snag These 4 Editors’ Choice Picks at a Discount Now

Backpacker’s Editors’ Choice picks are the best backpacking gear on the market—and the best often doesn’t come cheap, unless you wait until there’s a sale.

Well, bargain hunters, now’s your time to shine: Four of our favorite products from the past few years are on sale right now, including a sleeping bag that’s custom-built for restless sleepers, an ultralight jacket, a foam pad that’s unmatched when it comes to comfort, and a workhorse pack. You’ll have to pounce quickly, though: When the long weekend ends, most of these deals will, too.

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EXPED FlexMat Plus Sleeping Pad


Closed-cell foam pads are usually longer-lasting and more affordable than inflatables. But one thing they’re usually not: luxe. With the FlexMat Plus, Exped has created a comfier, warmer foam mat without compromising the durability and price point that make them a favorite of budget-conscious hikers. Buy the Exped Flexmat Plus now starting at $34 (25% off)


Over the last four or so years, Rab has been on top of the technical fabric world, churning out shell after category-smashing shell. That streak continues with the Phantom, which, as the lightest waterproof/breathable shell on the market, has the weight of a trashbag poncho, the rain protection of a hardshell, and yet somehow the airy feel of a softshell. Oh, and it packs down to the size of a kiwi. Buy the Rab Phantom Pull-On Jacket (Men’s) now for $150 (25% off)

Gregory Paragon 48 Pack


A great litmus test for any pack is, “Would you wholeheartedly recommend it to your best friend?”, and this one received an all-caps YES from our team. The Paragon has just the right blend of comfort, weight, features, and price, making it one of the best all-around packs we’ve ever carried on the trail. Buy the Gregory Paragon 48 Pack now for $150 (25% off)

Big Agnes Sidewinder SL 20

Chances are you know a side sleeper. In fact, chances are you are one. According to Big Agnes, some 70 percent of us sleep that way. But in camp, that means we breathe into the hoods of our bags at night and periodically freak out when we get twisted up. If we try to roll with our bags we expose our backs to the cold, since many designers put less insulation on the downside of the bag where it is compressed by your body weight anyway. Well, good news, side-sleeping compatriots: The Sidewinder is a bag just for us. Buy the Big Agnes Sidewinder SL 20° now for $210 (25% off)

Published at Mon, 31 May 2021 16:58:03 +0000