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Kirtlington Park: the ultimate English manor house staycation for ₤ 28,000 a week

Kirtlington Park: the supreme English manor house staycation for ₤ 28,000 a week

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” > Advertisement Why Walpole work of art Wolterton Hall is the supreme Norfolk escape

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” > < img src= "https://www.ccswin.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/PwqZt5.jpg" class alt > One of the drawing rooms Hamptons It improves than that: visitors will also have the choice of polo lessons at the neighbouring club, Kirtlington Park Polo School, founded by Hubert Maitland Budgett (a previous Kirtlington Park owner) that has trained numerous famous players. Or one might choose a personal recital by the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra or directed wild swim. Then there’s everything you ‘d anticipate at a nation home of this stature, be it tennis, badminton, croquet or clay pigeon shooting.

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Outside gardens Instagram: @kirtlingtonpark The English magnificent house experience is one that is sought-after and growing ever more in appeal– most likely to be popular with not simply the Brits post-lockdown but also wealthy Europeans and Americans even more afield. Other attracting powerhouses that are readily available in the high-end vacation rental market are Wolterton in Norfolk, the amazing Walpole mansion, as well as Kinross Home near Edinburgh. A handful of places that cut corners on neither experience nor magnificence, filled with art, artefacts and history aplenty.For more more

details, go to Hamptons.co.uk

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