Kayakers Almost Crushed By Collapsing Cliff On Lake Superior (Video).

Kayakers Practically Crushed By Collapsing Cliff On Lake Superior (Video)

C raig Blacklock and Jon Smithers have actually invested years paddling along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, but have never ever seen anything as extraordinary as this previously– let alone recorded it on video camera. On this day, the set were recording with 2 drones however it was Smithers’ that was completely placed to tape-record the occasion.

The Pictured Rocks cliffs lie on the southern shore of Lake Superior, near Munising, Michigan. They tower as much as 200 feet high in places, and stretch for 15 miles along the lake, the colorful streams of mineral stain on the sandstone providing the cliffs their name.

While the view from the top of the cliffs out to Lake Superior is mesmerizing, the view of the cliffs from the water is a lot more extraordinary. That’s why there are a few various kayak companies in the area that run trips along the base of the cliffs. Typically it’s a leisurely sightseeing paddle– however on the day Blacklock and Smithers were shooting, a kayak trip group experienced the adventure of a life time.

In the video you can see that Smithers’ drone is quite a range from the cliffs, and is slowly panning right to take in a sweeping shot of them. Then the frame quickly moves right, simply as a massive portion of the cliff face lets go and collapses into the water below. Lakewater launches into the air, spraying out what appears like numerous feet from the base of the cliff. And there to witness it, is a group of kayakers.

Smithers and Blacklock state they weren’t sure at first whether the rocks had actually landed on any of the kayakers, however as the drone flew closer to where the rockslide had actually taken place and the close-by kayakers, they quickly recognized everyone was okay.

Northern Waters Adventures kayak guide, Van Ouelette-Ballas, was leading the group of kayakers. He said he saw a small rockfall take place simply prior, triggering him to paddle away from the base of the cliff. When he thought they were a safe distance away, the group turned toward the cliffs, only to see the larger rockfall happen. Ouelette-Ballas stated the rocks fell precisely where he ‘d been drifting simply minutes before.

Enjoy the video to witness the power of nature that amazed the kayakers and professional photographers– and the world after the video went viral. For more behind-the-scenes details, you can see the video Blacklock put together about the event here.

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