How I Travel: Olympian Allyson Felix Can’t Wait for Shabu Shabu in Japan

How I Travel: Olympian Allyson Felix Can’t Wait for Shabu Shabu in Japan

Her favorite Olympic host city so far:

I was definitely the most attached to London. It was one of the Games that I didn’t live in the [Olympic] village; I lived right outside of the stadium and I had a little apartment, so it felt like a piece of home. I was able to cook, and I was able to have my routine. My family lived close by as well. I always have family and friends with me, and it was somewhere that was easier for them, honestly. They spoke English and they could sight-see and do all the things. It was very comfortable for us.

How she makes herself at home in hotels:

I like to travel with candles—to me, familiar scents feel like home. I bring a throw or something from home that is comfortable to me, too. And I always unpack my stuff. I know a lot of people don’t unpack, but I usually unpack my things. Having a place for everything helps it feel like home as well.

Her favorite places to stay:

I love the Seyyida Hotel, I stayed there in Tanzania and I just love the way that they do everything. It’s so comfortable, but it also feels a bit luxurious, in a very effortless way.

The destination she thinks is underrated:

I’ve been to a lot of unique spots. I always compete in the Middle East, and I think everybody thinks of Dubai or Abu Dhabi [but] I competed a lot in Doha and I really enjoyed it. I think it’s very similar to those places, but a bit more low-key. There’s great sports happening and there was great food and a lot to do. It’s also very easy to get to those other places as well; they’re very close.

How she packs for work vs. fun:

When I’m traveling for competitions, I’m thinking through, what do I need? I need to have my competition things, I need to have a backup set of things, I need all of the technical stuff—all of my shoes and my spikes. I usually will have the pair I’m going to compete in, and then probably two to three pairs of backups, depending on how long I’m going to be. There’s always something that could go wrong! But I also need regular clothes and a safety net of food I’m comfortable with, because you never know what situation you’re going to be in. When I pack for leisure, it’s more fun. I think about fashion, I think about clothes that I want to wear. It’s not so regimented, just easy and free flowing.

Her tips for traveling with kids:

Oh my gosh. With a toddler, it’s so much harder than when they were a baby, but I had no idea of that. Having things to keep them occupied—I started traveling with a white board and dry-erase markers for my daughter and she loves it. She’s all about it. And for me it’s great, because I don’t love tablets. I love things that she can actually do. Play-Doh is great. And then just trying to keep her on a routine. I want her to be able to sleep for the majority of the flight, so putting her in her pajamas and giving her a little bit of that same routine that she had from home is essential.

Published at Fri, 14 May 2021 22:11:26 +0000