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Friday's storm brings unusually large hail

Friday's storm brings unusually large hail


Thunderstorms will shift east on Friday, dropping hail and drenching downpours on areas ranging from St. Louis to Cleveland. Accuweather

Friday’s storms have so far brought thunder, lightning, rain and hail to Central Indiana. 

While hailstorms in Indiana are fairly common, the hail from Friday’s storms are unusually large, Joseph Nield, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said.

Nield said the NWS has been hearing reports of hailstones up to two inches on Friday: the size of golf balls or even eggs. 

“It is a little infrequent for us to see hail this large,” Nield said.

Stay alert: Storms, 2-inch hail moves into Indianapolis area

Hail usually falls in Indiana during the spring and early summer, and today’s conditions were the perfect storm for larger hailstones to form, according to Nield.

“While we are very hot and very humid, we do have a lot of instability that’s been building throughout the day, and when that’s released quickly like we’re seeing here with these thunderstorms developing rapidly, then it’s easier for large hail to form,” Nield said. 

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