Exclusive: So Cal Singer/Songwriter Jake Scott Teams With Grubhub For ‘Goldenboy’ Donut Shop

Exclusive: So Cal Singer/Songwriter Jake Scott Teams With Grubhub For ‘Goldenboy’ Donut Shop

Tomorrow, June 4, is National Donut Day. And to celebrate, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jake Scott is teaming up with Grubhub to launch Goldenboy, a virtual donut shop, with 10 donuts named for songs off his upcoming Goldenboy EP, out June 25.

The virtual store, which launches tomorrow, will team with stores in Atlanta, L.A., Boston, Houston, Nashville, Detroit and more to deliver the Goldenboy donuts. Scott tells me he worked hard to match the flavors with the songs.

“When I was thinking through this menu as it relates to the songs, I tried to match the donut flavor as much as possible to the feeling and the perceived visual of each song’s story,” he says.

He previews the donuts in a Grubhub ad, seen here for the first time.

Here are the 10 donuts and the 10 songs matched in his words.

“Off” The Beaten Path (Apple Fritter) 


Be brave. Be different. Let your hair down and go for the fritter.

The Shadow (Chocolate Long John)

We’ve all got a dark side. Sometimes it’s filled with Bavarian cream.

The Overthinker (Glazed Old Fashioned)

Feeling overwhelmed by all the glory? Can’t decide whether to go all in or maybe just go home? Don’t overthink it – the classics never fail.

The Anymore (Donut Holes)

Some call it rejection. We call it perfection.

The Goldenboy (Regular Glazed)

He’s golden, toasty, and never lets you down.

The George Bailey (Vanilla Cronut)

The secret for a truly wonderful life.

5 am (Coffee)

Liquid gold.

Jake’s Fave (Glazed Filled Bizmark)

All the way from Fayetteville, AR, straight to your stomach. Jake’s favorite donut of all time.

The Sleeptalker (Kolache)

Jake’s wife Rachel’s go-to order at every donut shop.

The Player’s Choice

House special

I spoke with Scott about donuts, the EP and more.

Steve Baltin: Love this idea. Is there a family history or some donut connection, like for so many kids getting to the donut shop with their parents as a kid was a big deal. Was that the case for you?

Jake Scott: Thank you. It wasn’t ever a spoken thing growing up, but I think I always subconsciously associated donuts with celebration. We would go get donuts because we won a game or there was a big birthday party, etc. Donuts still just make me happy. I think it’s impossible not to be happy when it’s time for a trip to the donut shop (laughs).

Baltin: What were your first favorite donuts?

Scott: To be honest I’ve always had a love affair with the classics. A plain old glazed donut is still perfect to me.

Baltin: There is legitimately a big correlation between food and music as I have talked about with artists like Questlove, Cat Power and more. So how did you choose the flavors to match the specific songs?

Scott: There really is. Music makes you feel so deeply and I think certain foods, strangely enough, really evoke certain emotions. I don’t know if it’s just nostalgia or association or what, but the right meal at the right time really does enhance an experience.

Baltin: The EP is wonderful, really loved “George Bailey” for example. For you, talk about the excitement of getting to share this music with fans after the last year you have had.

Scott: Ah, thank you so much, I really appreciate that. I’ve never been so excited about music that I’ve made. This EP means so much to me because it’s the most honest writing I’ve ever done. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching throughout quarantine (as we all have, I’m sure) and I started seeing patterns in my life. Parts of my personality have developed over the years as mechanisms to keep me safe, but now as an adult I can see that they ultimately keep me stuck. This record is the journey of becoming aware, coming to terms with, and letting go of this part of myself that I’ve lovingly nicknamed the “Goldenboy.”

Baltin: Now that live music is coming back, what songs from the EP are you most excited to play live?

Scott: Oh wow. All of them really but I’m particularly excited about playing “Anymore” live. To hear a crowd of people screaming along to that chorus is going to be absolute magic.

Baltin: Will you serve Goldenboy donuts at the live shows?

Scott: That’s a fantastic idea and something we’re actually working on now so stay tuned!

Published at Thu, 03 Jun 2021 10:00:00 +0000