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Clare’s New Jersey Garden

Clare’s New Jersey Garden

My name is Clare Oliva, and I live and garden in northern New Jersey. Photos of my garden have previously been featured on Garden Photo of the Day (Clare’s Garden in New Jersey Day 1 of 2). Since the spring garden was glorious this year, I thought I would share some pictures.

garden path next to trees and shrubsThis is one of my favorite views of the garden—the side garden in early spring (mid April). The big swath of forsythia (Forsythia spp., Zones 3–8) bushes at the end of the path, the tulips starting to bloom, and the different textures and shades of green are a welcome sight after a long cold winter.

Brightly colored tulipsBrightly colored tulips are a feast for the eyes.

red yellow and purple tulipsThe brilliantly colored petals of tulips are one of the iconic images of spring.

looking at garden paths from aboveLooking down from the deck, this view shows the hedges, lawns, and paths that define the different spaces in this garden.

creeping phlox in mulched garden bedsColorful creeping phlox (Phlox stolonifera, Zones 3–8) and the blue sky make a lovely scene.

terraced garden bedsThe creeping phlox really steals the show in early May. It is planted on the edges of a terrace and looks great hanging over the stone walls.

creeping phlox along a garden pathThe creeping phlox is in full flower, with different varieties planted in sections to create big blocks of brilliant color.

bright and light pink phloxHere the phlox is pulling out all the stops, showing off in nearly every shade of pink possible.

japanese maple in the middle of a spring gardenA look beyond the Japanese maple ‘Tamukeyama’ (Acer palmatum ‘Tamukeyama’, Zones 5–9) shows the blooms of red azaleas just starting to open.

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