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Celebrating one year of IndyStar in Spanish

Celebrating one year of IndyStar in Spanish


Through a partnership with Report for America, IndyStar is adding a journalist who will report on racial justice and equity, but we need your help. Indianapolis Star

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After COVID-19 struck Indiana, there was a clear need for information for all – regardless of their primary language.

I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, and English is my second language. So, I’ve always felt strongly that everyone should have access to basic resources. That was further emphasized by the pandemic.

Reporter Natalia Contreras and I began translating stories in April 2020 to serve the Spanish-speaking population in Indianapolis and, while this wasn’t the first time IndyStar published stories in Spanish, it was the first time in recent years we made a commitment to produce original content about Latinos – for Latino Hoosiers.

We started with the basics: stories on which schools were providing meals for students after statewide closures, a list of resources available for undocumented immigrants and how to remember those lost due to COVID-19.

Natalia spent a lot of time in the community and we published stories of people making a difference in their neighbors’ lives, be it from sewing masks to young people creating a fund to help undocumented families.

By the summer, we launched La Estrella: IndyStar’s first Spanish-language newsletter for our readers in the Latino and Hispanic communities in Central Indiana. 

We’ve since continued to expand our coverage, with stories on what you needed to know for the 2020 elections, how to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the aftermath of the NCAA tournament in Indy, teacher pay, and so much more. You can find all the latest news in Spanish in

This is all part of IndyStar’s diversity and inclusion efforts to better represent and serve our community. 

In June, we’ll add a journalist to our team whose role will be dedicated to covering racial justice and equity, thanks to our partnership with Report for America. This person will be part of a larger team tasked with covering inequity in social services, immigration, cultural institutions, the legal system, education and access to health care — particularly as it affects Black and Latino Hoosiers.

IndyStar’s equity and education team will include Natalia, who is now our immigrant communities reporter, social services reporter Holly Hays and education reporters MJ Slaby and Arika Herron.

If you don’t already, consider subscribing to IndyStar. Our entire staff seeks to serve this community everyday with stories that educate, enlighten and investigate what’s good and what’s questionable in our community. 

This is just the beginning. And we thank you for your continued support.

Reach IndyStar’s Equity and Education Editor Daniela Franco Brown at Follow her on Twitter: @DaniFrancoBrown.

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