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All-in-One Home Power Management

All-in-One Home Power Management

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As we add more and more complex electrical components to our homes—such as solar panels, emergency power supplies, and electric-vehicle chargers—even a neatly installed service panel can become a confusing jumble of wires and boxes. That’s one of several issues Schneider Electric has solved with its new Square D Energy Center.

The sleek electrical box contains all the components you need to manage home power in one attractive package. The system’s built-in whole-house surge protector and smart transfer switches quickly and safely switch between grid power and a battery storage system or generator when there’s a power failure, while an integrated DC inverter makes it simple to connect renewable energy sources.

The heart of the system is Schneider’s Wiser Energy Monitor, which provides real-time energy-use data, allows you to control individual power circuits in your home, and pairs with most popular smart-home hubs and wireless switches, all accessed through the accompanying smartphone app. Contact your local electrical distributor or big box store for availability and pricing.

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Published at Mon, 17 May 2021 12:00:22 +0000