A Transfer Of Inspiration: Elation Hypercar Partners With Vaughtons, The Luxury British Auto Insignia Brand.

A Transfer Of Inspiration: Elation Hypercar Partners With Vaughtons, The Luxury British Auto Insignia Brand.

Vaughtons Elation Hypercar Badge

It is an unusual partnership: one company, the Elation Hypercar brand, launching in two years, and the other, Vaughtons, a 202-year-old British auto badge/insignia brand. Yet both design ideas and philosophies of the CEOs match well.  

The Elation Hypercar brand has two models thus far: the Elation Freedom, the first high speed, high end EV starting at $2,000,000, and the second, the Elation Iconic, built with an internal combustion engine, starting at $2,300,000. For both, Vaughtons has created an insignia that will be on and in the Elation Hypercar models.

Elation Hypercars – Freedom Model

Vaughtons is no stranger to high end clients. Throughout its 202-year history, British Parliament and the Royal family have called Vaughtons to make ornate regalia. White Star Lines commissioned them to make the plaques for the first-class suites on the Titanic. For 130 years, the winners of the English Football League wore medals made by them. When Rolls-Royce needed its first badges and hood ornaments made, Vaughtons was their only choice.

So, given the breakthrough technology of Elation Hypercars, and the history of Vaughtons, it was not surprising that a partnership was formed. JustLuxe recently communicated with Carlos Satulovsky, the CEO and founder of Elation Hypercars, and Nick Hobbis, the Managing Director of Vaughtons, about the new partnership, and what means for both the industries and products.

JustLuxe: Carlos, why did you select Vaughtons as a partner?

Vaughtons – From a 1902 British Motor Catalogue

Carlos: We’ve commissioned Vaughtons, the iconic jewelry company known for their creation of Olympic gold medals and bespoke regalia, to artfully handcraft our logos. The Freedom’s side badges, known as the Badge of Freedom, as well as front and rear emblems are milled from aluminum. These badges are optionally available for all customers in 18-carat gold, sterling silver, and platinum, handcrafted by Vaughtons master jewelers. 

Elation customers may also upgrade the interior switches of their Freedom with automotive jewelry made of mother of pearl, platinum, multi-layered solid gold sash jewels, among other options; all of which will be sedulously integrated by Vaughtons experienced master jewelers. Due to Vaughtons tenure of more than 200 years as the United Kingdom’s premier atelier for medals and regalia, Elation customers can rest assured that their badges will be made of the finest materials available.

Through our partnership, Vaughtons team of master jewelers will impart their centuries of bravura on the body of the Elation Freedom. Every badge will be a spectacular piece of jewelry affixed to a work of luxurious, mechanical genius.

JustLuxe: And Nick, in regards to the new Vaughtons partnership with Elation, explain how it came to be? 

Nick Hobbis, Managing Director of Vaughtons

Nick: It seemed to come fairly out of the blue, but what a wonderful surprise it was!  Carlos sent an email through our website asking for someone to respond, and we always try to get back to people as fast as we can.  So, we arranged a 1-hour zoom call.  We ended up talking for around 3-hours. I explained we are 202 years old now. The company originally started off as a bespoke medal manufacturer. Howard Vaughtons was a pro soccer player where and he still holds the record for most goals scored in an international game. When the English Football (soccer) League needed medals for their end-of-season presentation, he stepped forward and offered his services.  We still produce these medals now, 130 years later.   

Further, our first automotive customer was Rolls Royce. Back in 1908 when RR was founded, they needed a badge supplier and we were the only company capable of providing such high-quality parts. Since then, we have supplied, Bentley Motors, Aston Martin, Jensen, Mini, MG, Lotus, McLaren and others.

JustLuxe: So, Nick, Vaughtons will be working with Elation Hypercar clients to design custom cabins and other bespoke finishes for the Freedom. Take us through how that process will work, and some of the options. 

Nick: This is a truly special part of what Elation wants to offer the clients. Carlos’s aim is to offer unlimited customization options, and together we will work to accomplish it.  It’s going to be a  special service. We want to take the client on a journey through the making of their car. Carlos leads all the way, and I am there in the background to offer my technical support when it comes to the bespoke finishes. It gets quite exciting when we discuss some of the possibilities. Here are some questions we hope to ask and the clients answer: 

Would they appreciate solid gold exterior badges? A diamond encrusted starter button? Hand engraved gearshift paddles? Bespoke luggage? Questions like this allow a transfer of inspiration: ideas from the Elation clients that can be transferred directly to us, and then to the automobile they are buying. A rarity on all sides, a win/win also.

Elation Hypercar Freedom


Elation Hypercar Insignia

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