9 June Beach Reads That Are Like Summer in a Book

9 June Beach Reads That Are Like Summer in a Book

A beach read can be a work of historical fiction about a 17th-century witch hunt. A beach read can be a guidebook for healing, written by a Black woman therapist. And a beach read can absolutely be a highly-addictive family drama set among the oyster bars and shimmering coves of Nantucket. 

This June brings new books that are sweeter than drinking a cocktail on the prow of a speedboat under a cloudless sky. These are the books we’ll tuck into our carry-on luggage and beach totes. They’re the ones we’ll splay on picnic blankets and read until the fireflies descend or prop against sangria bottles and debate with friends. They’re warm, and hopeful, and consciousness-expanding—all the things we love about the summer. 

As social distancing restrictions lift across the country, this summer is going to be a lot. A lot of joy, a lot of relief, a lot of hugs, and probably a lot of overwhelming feelings. There is no safer escape than into the pages of a good book. There are our favorite new books for June—happy summer, and happy reading. 

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Published at Fri, 04 Jun 2021 19:55:55 +0000