3 Color Palettes to Transform Your Dining Room

3 Color Palettes to Transform Your Dining Room

Are you ready for a change? We created three palettes around two key dining-room pieces – a table and cabinet – to show how colour transforms a setting. Which one will you welcome home?

1. Soft & Sophisticated 

Pink in the dining room? Why not? This pastel palette sets a soft, happy mood. First, pick your favourite pink tone – from powder pink to deeper coral. We used a striking mural to establish the scheme, but paint would work too. Plush chairs and a rug are the other main elements. Then we layered in blue and yellow accents for interest. Wispy white pampas grass finishes the dreamy, feminine space.


Photography: Tango | Styling: Julie Lapointe | Acacia and metal TABLE, 63″ x 351⁄2″ x 291⁄2″, $1,199; acacia and metal CABINET, 17″ x 52″, $1,099 (all three rooms), Urban Barn. Velvet CHAIRS, $200 each; vicose RUG, 5′ x 8′, $600; yellow glass VASE, $43; Must Société. Painted metal SUSPENSION LIGHT, from $845 (depending on options), Authentik Lighting. Captivating POSTER, $59; wood FRAME, $62; Painted Shapes POSTER, $25; wood FRAME, $30; Opposite Wall. White and blue glazed earthenware VASE, $70; white and pink glazed earthenware VASE, $40; ARRANGEMENT of artificial pampas grass, $30; large blue glass VASE, $55; small blue glass VASE, $20; small pink glass VASE, $27; Crate and Barrel. Self-adhesive WALLPAPER, 8′ x 8′, $416,

2. Nature’s Neutrals

Rattan, jute, linen – natural materials are more popular than ever. Their neutral colours are soothing and create a cocoon-like comfort. Green plants are a natural here, and whites (from bright to cream to light grey) make the soft warm tones pop. In our scene, the oversize pendants light the way. Their open weave and soft colour ensure they don’t clutter the room, but they give a breezy tropical feel.


Photography: Tango | Styling: Julie Lapointe | Rattan and metal ARMCHAIRS, $286 each, VdeV. Rattan PENDANT LIGHTS, $350 and $495, Cœur D’Artichaut. MIRROR with walnut veneer frame, $99; stoneware PLANTERS (on sideboard), $7 (large), $4 (small); artificial PLANTS, from $4 to $70; small white earthenware PLANTER (on table), $2; IKEA. Cotton TABLE RUNNER, $70; glazed earthenware VASES, $80 (white), $55 (grey); Crate and Barrel. Ceramic wall VASES, $16 (large), $11 (small), Zone. Palm LEAF FAN, $20, Buk & Nola. Jute and viscose RUG, 60″ x 96″, $450, EQ3.

3. Elegant & Chic

Black, used judiciously, loses its harshness and becomes inviting and enveloping. Painting a wall black gives depth and personality to a room. To create a dramatic effect without being overly theatrical, contrast black with white and a generous amount of gold, which brings a dazzling illumination to this striking palette.


Photography: Tango | Styling: Julie Lapointe | Rubberwood CHAIRS, $199 each, EQ3. Metal BENCH with cushion, $499; black ceramic VASES, $16 (small), $19 (large); geometric SPHERE in gold metal, $12; Urban Barn. Cotton THROW, $205, Buk & Nola. Brass- finish steel PENDANT, 36″ x 40″ x 36″, $739; poly- ester and polypropylene RUG, 5′ x 8′, $249; Mobilia. Gold metal bamboo-effect VASE, $40; marble BIRD, $49; Must Société. Artificial eucalyptus BRANCHES, $8 each, Zone. GLASS BELL with gilded metal base, $15; artificial SUCCULENT in pot (under the bell), $5 for 3; IKEA. Glass CARAFE, $70; glass carafe with gold stopper, $60; WINE GLASSES, $30 each; Crate and Barrel. Gold-tone metal PLANTER, $30, Zone. Hands POSTER and wooden FRAME, $59 and $62; dried bouquet POSTER and wood FRAME, $48 and $46; Opposite Wall.

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