11 Things To Love About This Texas Spa And Wellness Retreat

11 Things To Love About This Texas Spa And Wellness Retreat

Lake Austin Spa Resort is an award-winning destination spa nestled on 19 lakefront acres in Central Texas’ legendary Hill Country on the shores of Lake Austin. Located near both downtown Austin and the airport, this wellness resort is the perfect place to reset (especially after such a crazy year with the Covid-19 pandemic). 

Here are 11 reasons to love this place. 

It’s location.

Lake Austin Spa Resort is located right on the water. And it doesn’t just overlook the water—it sits right on the banks of Lake Austin. If in real estate, it’s all about location, well, the same goes for hotels. Whether it’s napping in a hammock inches from the lapping water, sitting on a chaise lounge on the dock or actually going out on the lake, this location is pretty unbeatable. 

The water activities.

Yes, I know I already talked about the great location on the water, but it’s not just the lake and all the fun toys it has..  From 9am-5pm each day, the water activities dock is open for all kinds of fun. There are hydro bikes, kayaks, standup paddle boards, noodles and other water toys. And with plenty of options and plenty of equipment, you  don’t have to worry about getting there right at 9 to get your first choice.

The size.

Lake Austin Spa Resort has only 40 rooms, which makes it intimate, yet big enough for people to roam. It never feels congested or crowded, but there are enough people to interact with. It’s really the perfect size. 


The food.

Not only is the cuisine itself freshly prepared and beautifully seasoned in a healthy way, but the service is prompt and hospitable. Plus, there are many dining options: indoors in the main dining room, outdoors in the arbor tent, indoors at the spa (for lunch only), room service, or to-go. In fact, the to-go option is a favorite for many people. The food is prepared made-to-order and is presented in a beautiful picnic basket with red and white checkered lining, complete with real silverware and cloth napkins. There are so many wonderful spots along the lake for a picnic, that it’s the ideal way to eat (whether you’re Covid sensitive or not). Dinner options change daily, but specials include short ribs, branzino, red fish, seared tuna, steak and vegetarian dishes. Lunch includes an array of sandwiches and salads and breakfast offers a variety of egg dishes as well as pancakes, oatmeal and fresh fruit. The food is sourced locally and when possible, with ingredients coming directly from the resort’s organic gardens. 

The spa.

The spa is simply stunning. It has its own pool, hot tub, relaxation room, café, boutique shops and locker rooms. If you like choices, you’ll be thrilled to see the spa menu which features more than 100 unique and healing services. One of the favorites is the Lake House hot stone treatment (be sure to book the 100-minute option). 

The staff.

From the check-in desk, to the cleaning ladies, from the water sports attendants, to the hiking guides, from the pool attendants to the dining room servers—the staff is extremely courteous and hospitable. It’s Texas charm at its finest. 

The activities and classes.

Interested in yoga and meditation? There are plenty of options here, including sound bathing; calm and connected yoga; slow-flow yoga; and guided meditation. If you’re looking to improve your relationship (and after the stressful year we’ve had, who isn’t?) the Relationship Tips class is a good choice. There are also wellness and inspiration classes; guided hikes, including the challenge series, which are five-mile fast-paced cardio options. They have plenty of water classes including aqua aerobics class; a gentle movement healing water class; and floating fitness. Or if you’re looking to jump start your fitness program, try the TRX challenge series; barre fusion; Zumba; spinning; or resistance band training. Looking to make better eating choices? Then try one of the cooking classes, where you’ll learn about healthy ingredients and making Mediterranean-focused meals.

The fitness center. The gym overlooks Lake Austin and the Balcones Canyonlands Nature Preserve and features state-of-the-art cardio, circuit and free weight training equipment. You can also book private sessions with a personal trainer.  Even if you’re not in the mood to workout, the views alone will inspire you. 

The little touches. There are dozens (and dozens) of little things that make for a big impact. The water filter has a room temperature setting for those who don’t like cold water. There is always a basket of fresh fruit (bananas, apples and oranges) and a variety of infused water and teas. The coffee is always brewing and hot. The food delivery and pick-up time is always accurate (and this is something that is off in many resorts due to Covid staffing issues). The room key is attached to a coil wristband so it’s easy to wear around your wrist or arm (so you’re never searching for the room key). The laundry is complementary (you can either send it out to have it done or do it yourself at the washer/dryer on premise). Trust us: If you’re working out a lot, constantly in your swimsuit, or have gone on a muddy hike—you’ll appreciate the free laundry service. 

The rooms.

The oversize bathtub is divine. The front patio has a table and two chairs for enjoying a glass of wine or reading a book, while the back patio is a private secluded area that’s fully enclosed for privacy. 

The relaxing vibe. To really get a sense of just how expansive the grounds are, be sure to take a scenic boat cruise or a wine cruise at sunset (the cruise not only covers the length of the property as well as deep into Lake Austin territory, but the narration also covers some insight into the area and culture). Or walk among the resort’s gardens to get in touch with nature. Or chill at one of the three pools, or hang out on the grass or beach area of the lake. You’ll quickly learn to relax and be present at this little slice of wonderful.

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